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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tidying Up Art

In this week's History of Art & Design II class, I mentioned Ursus Wehrli's book, Tidying Up Art as a commercial example of parody. One of my students (sorry; can't remember who) said that he'd seen a TED talk by Wehrli, so I looked it up, and here it is.

Just in case you have a few minutes to spare, or need a break from studying for midterms.

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ana_rossainz said...

What is art? That is a question as an artist I’m forced to try to explain. The attempt to explain a concept without yet understanding it for one self is very difficult. Art is prone to different definitions, because it based on emotion and opinion. Art provokes emotion, tension in a photograph, drawing etc. it causes someone to appreciate the piece and spend more time trying to understand the artist. Someone’s interpolation will not be the same to a different person, because of past experience and cultural background. The type of art and people we have surrounded ourselves with, will/has influenced our style. This video was very entertaining, a wonderful different way to see art.